Chapter IV, Avataria #1
Date 04-09-2010
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 9
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[17] is the seventeenth post in Avataria #1, and the ninth post by Amargaard.

The soldiers large shields blocked most of the attacks, but the Goblins was so many that it became harder and harder for every wave, and especially this day they seemed extra raged. Edward knew from his reading that Goblins normally didn't use horns, only when their leaders had planned some special smart plan that they were sure gaining victory in. And indeed they had made a smart plan... The great Goblin Crafters had made some very huge siege catapults fireing with the giant rocks from the mountain, some of them 3-4 meters in diameter!

Three Goblin Catapults were spotted in the early day-light by Edward who had climbed up a big rock, same size of the Catapults' rocks, to get an overview. The Goblin Fighters were advancing, and many of General Kallrogs men falled, while huge stones fell into the battlefield. Both Human and Goblins died of the falling rocks, but a Human life was much more worth than a Goblin, because the small Greenskins had several thousands warriors, unlike the Humans which trained few, but stronger soldiers.

Edward saw General Kallrog killing many attacking Goblins, but even he was very concentrated to not be hit by the catapults, making the battle hard for him. Suddenly the rock Edward sat on began to move, and while he was very shocked of the sudden movements, he saw a head, arms and legs growing out of it. A Rock-man! He sat on the living stones shoulder, though it hadn't discovered him yet. The stone-man walked against the goblins from the camp, with all the Soldiers in front of him he tried to pass, without doing anything to the Humans. Edward noticed that the other "rocks" from the Goblin Catapults began to grow out their head, legs and arms too. Though none of them hurt the General and his soldiers, they attacked the Goblins and tried to destroy the siege catapults. Maybe they were angry at the Goblins for using them as a weapon...