Chapter IV, Avataria #1
Date 04-09-2010
Written by Masken
Player Post № 9
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[18] is the eighteenth post in Avataria #1, and the ninth post by Masken.

General Kallrog ordered his men to regroup behind the rock-men. As the soliders formed a new frontal line the rock-men took the form of a round rock and began rolling down the hill, how Kallrog knew they were going to do that was a mystery. A quarter of the goblin army was crushed in the process as the giant living boulders rolled across the battlefield. The goblin leaders saw that the had lost and called for a retreat. Edward was relieved that they had twice beaten the goblins, but something was not right. The soliders were not cheering, they simply went back doing whatever they were doing before. Edward was certain that something was wrong. But there was another mystery, how did Kellrog know what the rock-men were going to do? He decided to go ask him to settle his curiosity...