Chapter IV, Avataria #1
Date 04-09-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[19] is the nineteenth post in Avataria #1, and the tenth post by Amargaard.

Edward would like to go back to the camp to ask the General, but he couldn't get down from the rock-man that still carried him around the battlefield. Kallrog and his men had wandered back to the camp without any words and left the hill between the camp and the Goblin Caves with dead Human and Goblin corpses and some few fallen Rock-men. Worst: They had left him unable to come down from this... thing!

For some unknown reason they kept patrolling the Hill, and for some reason they reminded Edward of the Soldiers... Just doing their duty without asking questions. Now he became a little tired of sitting on the shoulder and to see the same things over and over again - Stinking corpses, wandering Rock-men, destroyed catapults and their camp... "Alright, stop please!" He commanded the rock-man, though he didn't expect it to stop, but it did and kneeled down so he easily could jump off. He was confused, but didn't told anybody about his ride, when he arrived at the camp.

Now he searched for General Kallrog, but he was gone again. Edward stepped into the Generals tent, and left a note with the question, though he didn't expect that he could read or write. After that he walked out to the campfire together with the other soldiers and ate some Mountain-ram that Kallrog had brought home from a hunt some days ago. Maybe he was hunting, though it was too late for that. The soldiers were no great company so he walked out to the hill and watched the Rock-men again, while Kallrog did whatever he did. Now they both got some late night-secrets...