Chapter I, Avataria #1
Date 04-04-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[1] is the very first post in Avataria #1, and the first post by Amargaard.

Amargaard introduced two new characters in this post; Mayor Amargaard and General Ratava, and the place Aediwena.

Though his body was made of a Balloon-like material, his mouth was filled with sharp creepy teeth, and his toungue was a long hanging dripping red meat-club (When he was in battles, he used it like a club - Anyways, its good to make a presentation of your Avatars + extra characthers the first time), Amargaard was actually a good person, no doubt. As the mayor of the small town Aediwena (Aediwena = A-new-idea bakwards. Anyways, now I have used my town/place-invention... I may no longer "invent" more!), Amargaard had stepped hysterically around, knowing what was soon going to happen to his town (I will leave this in mystery for now). This day, he wore his tall black hat because he just have had a meeting with General Ratava (Ratava = Avatar bakwards. Anyways, now I have used my characther-invention... I may no longer "invent" more characthers!), the local Militia-chief. General Ratava was, like Amargaard, a good person that would do anything to defend their town and Aediwenas civils. With a thick gray plate-mail armor and a well-known huge sword, which was called PRO Yrots (PRO Yrots = Story ORP backwards. Items and the like is unlimited - You may invent 100 of those if you want!). Aediwena lied in the northeastern corner of the known world-map and in that region, all swords were called Yrots, and General Ratavas sword, PRO Yrots, was a "PRO" sword. >:D

The meeting was finished, and though Amargaard had gained permision to what he wanted, his face were still sad. He knew that a long journey lied in front of him and that he maybe wouldn't survive it. But to save Aediwenas pride, he must do it. The meeting was about evacuating Aediwenas civils and leading them through the many dangerous lands into the far capital city (I don't name or describe any of the lands much, neither the capital city, because I have already used my "invent town/place"). General Ratava and his best soldiers would stay back at Aediwena, defending the town from... (!?!) ... Though he will have no chance of surviving, he would gladly defend Aediwenas pride, and it will give extra time for the mayor, the civils and a few of his soldiers to flee... (The end - now it's your turn! Notice that, some of the civils and soldiers could be you!)