Chapter I, Avataria #2
Post 1 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object
Date 03-15-2012
Written by Amargaard
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[1] is the very first post in Avataria #2, and the first post by Amargaard (Twenty-fifth if you count his posts in Avataria #1 as well).

Amargaard introduced two new characters in this post; Am'ar Gaardos and duke Talban.

Avataria is a mysterious and magical world, where countless unexplainable events happen every single day, but visitors arriving to Avataria from other worlds, rarely happens. This day, where the story begins, is one of these rare days.

In a lush forest landscape somewhere in Avataria, several teal crystals suddenly appeared from nothing between the trees, floating in the air. The crystals formed a circle, and soon the space between them was filled with a mystic consistence of thick teal smoke.

From the strange smoky circle, or portal as most would call it, a greenskinned humanoid stepped out. His face was covered by a pair of sunglasses and two large teeth pointed down from his upper lip. He wore a teal vest with one shoulder pad attached to it by a leather-belt. In his hand he held a staff of some sort.

The portal disappeared behind him and the teal crystals vanished. Am'ar Gaardos was his name, in some worlds his kind are known as Orcs, and this wasn't the first time he had traveled to a new world, however the portal-using had once again ripped off huge parts of his memory and given him an enormous headache.

He remembered that the reason he came here was to escape something, but he was hardly able to think clearly with that headache. He put his hand to his head, and slowly massaged his forehead, in hope of easing the pain.

But suddenly he heard yelling and screaming from somewhere near. Someone was battling, and Am'ar Gaardos wasn't going to miss the action. He ignored his headache and ran towards the noise.

Soon he could see what was happening. A huge dark furry monster was attacking a regiment of human soldiers. He had been fighting side by side with humans before, so he rushed out from his hiding spot to help the humans. The furry monster picked up one of the human soldiers in one of it's huge claws and roared at the others. Am'ar ran to the back of the creature, jumped up it's tail and when he reached it's head, he pulled up a weapon, attached to his back, by the leather belt. It looked like some kind of huge green gun, he pointed it towards the neck of the furry creature, and pulled the trigger.

A beam of blinding light fired out from the gun, down through the head and brain of the hostile monster.

It stood still for a couple of seconds and then fell to the ground, letting go of the human. The human crawled away from the dead monster and looked at Am'ar, with a confused look in his eyes. He wore an armor mixed from the colors of light blue and gold and had very light-colored beard. He probably was the leader of this regiment.

"Why did you help us, Orc?" he said calmly.

"Why shouldn't I?", Am'ar replied.

The human was surprised by that answer, but didn't say anything. He picked up his sword instead and continued looking strangely at Am'ar. One of the other humans spoke instead.

"Sire, look at his clothes, he must not be from around here!"

"Hmm true.. Orc, where are you from?", the human leader said.

"I have forgotten, I lost my memory a while ago" Am'ar said, but he didn't tell about the world traveling on purpose.

The human leader started to laugh.

"Hahaha.. An Orc with a lost memory? Hahahaha.. Now that's something new, hehe"

Am'ar kept his serious face, and that made the human stop his laughing.

"Well, anyways, I am duke Talban, mayor and leader of Talban Village." he said.

"People call me Am'ar." replied the Orc shortly.

"Am'ar.. you are welcome to join our cause. We're heading for the Wall of Horror, I'm sure you've heard of that... no? Then let me explain it on the way", duke Talban said happily.

And then they headed off towards the Wall of Horror. They were to unite there with a lot of other rebel factions, in order to finally put an end to the Kingdom of Evil, which had terrorized the whole world for generations.