Chapter V, Avataria #1
Date 04-11-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[23] is the twenty-third post in Avataria #1, and the twelfth post by Amargaard.

Edward woke up late the next day. All the night he had thought of the two generals and it became very late before he fell asleep. Now he went out of his tent, looking at the campfire. The soldiers had already eat breakfast, but they had left a little portion to him. Where have they gone, by the way, the camp was almost empty besides him and a single soldier guarding the camp. Why had General Kallrog been like this? Back in Reyvmadir, he wasn't nice to people, but he could at least laugh when drinking beer and boast of his past. Now it all went so serious, when it shouldn't and frivolous when it should be serious. Just thinking about the meeting with him and Kallrog some days ago, made him mad. He walked down to the battlefield and studied the rock-men...

Meanwhile General Ratava stood watching a mountain-lake from a high cliff without his armor. He jumped into the lake. He tried to think of other things than just what happened last night, but he couldn't. When he hit the lake, he swam far beneath the surface due to his new mystical powers. A giant sea-snake saw him and charged, but suddenly his shape changed once again. His skin turned gray, eyes red, muscles grew all over the body and his horns showed up. The snake was no match for a Half-demon and it was easily killed with his bare hands. He began swimming up for the surface again, quick! His Human form came back and he had soon not enough air. He reached it and breathed shocked. He took his armour, besides his helm which didn't fit his Demon form and walked back to the camp...

General Kallrog watched his and his mens work made from lumber. Finally finished, a monument dedicated to his old Gods. He ordered his men to go back to the camp, and they did without questions. His marking in the forehead glowed once again and his eyes too in the orange color. He smiled in an evil way, now he was closer to gain his old Gods full blessing. If he prayed at this monument every day, it would soon happen. A goblin sneaked against him from the back, but he knew it was there due to the sight his Gods have granted him. When it was close to him, he turned around and split it into two pieces with his great axe. He was indeed strong now, though the Gods slowly took his soul in the prayers...