Chapter VI, Avataria #1
Date 04-11-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[27] is the twenty-seventh post in Avataria #1, and the fourteenth post by Amargaard.

"Noh, he haven't any Goblins..." said General Ratava while laughing, "The Goblins is that way" he said while pointing at the Goblin-caves. Silverstein was confused specially now when he saw that the general quickly began looking sick, but listened anyway, when Ratava continued: "... But I know... that he and his men... are Demons! Beneath... their skin!". It was hard for him to say it, and it sounds like he was close to throw up after every single word he said.

Silverstein was shocked, "Demons!" he said, still a little confused. in many years he had wandered the whole world, slaying many kinds of beasts and dark beings, but he had never touched a Demon on his whole journey. Demons was known to be the most evil twisted creatures, that could corrupt races with weak souls like Humans. To die was bad, a chance he had to take as a wanderer, but to be corrupted by a Demon was even worse he thought.

The whole situation became a lot more confusing, when a giant Rock-man accidently walked through their camp, stomping down one of the tents made of Goblin-clothes and General Ratava began throwing up...