Chapter VI, Avataria #1
Date 04-12-2010
Written by Masken
Player Post № 12
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[28] is the twenty-eighth post in Avataria #1, and the twelfth post by Masken.

General Ratava knew that Kallrog had a much larger enemy, but it must be done to cover up what he really is himself. He shall strike at night, when, according to Edward, Kallrog is as most drunk. He must go for Kallrog immidiately cause if he's taken care of, he would have control of his armies. Based on Edwards notes about them, they must be demons in disguise. When he got a hold of his army, he will continue forward, to reclaim the lands taken by demons, with demons.

The night came, and General Ratava stood with their men behind a rock. He quickly issued commands as they silently stormed up the hill. They went straight for Kallrog's tent, there he was, drinking his ale and pretending to laugh at conversations, but why? He had no time for doubt and stormed in, quickly putting his pro Yrots on his neck. General Kallrog knew he had to explain the situation.

- They are no demons, said Kallrog.

- No? But what are they then? Disguised dogs? Ratava responded.

- They are not demons, yet they are not human. They are... undead. I'll explain. When i first came to Reyvmadir, i was hoping to get a well-paid job as a guard or solider. Which i did. But that's not all of it. There were people in Reyvmadir who practised... deadly arts. I kept quiet since they were not just some crazy wizards, they were council members. That's why i thought i could trust Edward to come along. The council members killed the entire army, it was rebuilt, and they killed it again, storing their bodies inside several towers that would shoot up when someone activated the key. The mayor's hat. I was not turned undead however. I was chosen to lead this great army when it was activated, or else they would go on a rampage. I had one, one guy in my party who was not undead, Edward, and he got very suspicious very fast. How do you think a whole party of people who actually knew how soliders acted thought about it? They would see it faster than it takes for a norseman to chug down his ale. Now that you know, will you kill me or not?