Chapter VI, Avataria #1
Date 04-12-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[29] is the twenty-ninth post in Avataria #1, and the fifteenth post by Amargaard.

General Ratava looked at Kallrog, still with PRO Yrots pointed at Kallrogs neck, but Ratava now had tears in his eyes. Embarrassing like the cursed hell. Not because he didn't want to kill Kallrog, he still hated him, but he knew it was his Demonic part that had made him that raged, and just because General Kallrog had been a bastard to him, he shouldn't be murdered for it. It was a hard decision since his demonic half was pushing the blade forward while he tried pulling it back himself, but at last he took the PRO Yrots away while the tears fell down from his chins dripping on his plate-mail armor...

Silverstein had stayed in one of the tents in General Ratavas camp looking at the unknown lower half of his head, that he normally kept secret behind his black scarf. He looked at it with disgust in a mirror that lied in the tent. Suddenly a Goblin ran into the tent, and was about to attack, but when it saw his scarry under-face it ran screaming out again. He quickly tied the scarf to hide it once again, took his Assassin-blades and ran out of the tent to find out that some Goblins charged the Rock-men on the battlefield. Though the Rock-men was much stronger, they were few in numbers and couldn't survive all the attacks, so some of them falled. Silverstein killed some goblins with some swift moves and thought that General Kallrog controlled the Goblins anyway...

General Kallrog heard the sounds of war and the "sight of his mysterious Gods" warned him that the Goblins attacked, so he grapped his great axe and quickly ran out of the tent ready to fight. He didn't care about General Ratava anymore, and he couldn't stop him anyway if he wanted to, because for some reason Ratava suddenly began throwing up. He sent out mental signals to his undead soldiers telling them to defend the camp. He saw some Assassin-looking man fighting the Goblins and killed a lot, but he was surrounded and stood in the middle of the battlefield being attacked from all sides. His body was pretty bloody, but he kept fighting. Kallrog tried fighting his way to the mysterious man, who was he anyway?

Edward Blitz could do nothing and just stood watching the unfair battle from kallrogs camp, but suddenly a Goblin charged towards him, but few seconds before it would have reached him, a huge Stone-man kicked it away. Seeing it fly into the air was kinda fun, though the situation was pretty serious. The stone-man took up Edward before he could react and placed him on the rocky shoulder. For some unknown reason they liked him, he thought, while he and the stone-man was joining the huge battle against the many Goblins...