Chapter I, Avataria #1
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Date 04-04-2010
Written by Masken
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[2] is the second post in Avataria #1, and the first post by Masken.

Masken introduced his Avatar Character in this post; Edward Blitz, and the place Reyvmadir.

The people stood anxious around the makeshift speech plattform. On the plattform stood mayor Amargaard, general Ratava and leading council member Edward Blitz (my avatar). He was a man of the people and very cherished for it. He wore simple clothes for he would not spend a single noic (their currency) on himself, because it was the peoples' money. With his great calming smile the people quickly became quiet and Amargaard could begin his speech:

- People of Aediwena! We stand here today because a most fearsome enemy stand before us. We must flee to Reyvmadir with due haste. General Ratava and his men will buy us time but we must evacuate immidiately! Now, lets move out! The women kissed their men goodbye as they evacuated the town. The girls cried and the boys wished to stay and fight, but eventually they were all gone. Only General Ratava and his men remained...