Chapter VII, Avataria #1
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Date 04-13-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[31] is the thirty-first post in Avataria #1, and the sixteenth post by Amargaard.

Amargaard introduced a new secondary character in this post; Brost.

General Ratava had finished throwing up in Kallrogs tent and now dried the vomit and blood away from his head with the arm. But he found out that his hand once again had turned gray, and knew that his Demonic side side was controlling his body now. It was therefore! Because he had two bodies in one, that made his stomach sick and gave him strong painy periods when his dark part was about to appear... He didn't deserve to feel this pain and to be a monster, even worse than a monster. He heard the sound of battle outside, but he could not join. Suddenly a voice entered his head, an evil dark and whispering voice, yet a loud one: "You can choose to be a full-time Demon, and ease the pain, but then both your shapes must agree...!", without his own control he said "I agree!". However it was only his demonic part that said it, he still haven't made the decision himself. To be a Demon, never, he thought, but he knew that only a little adversity could change his mind...

Edward was still riding the huge Stone-man, which was different to the other stone-men. He had a beard, made of some dark-colored stone or maybe Iron, and a much bigger body. Down his strong powerful arms, some glowing blue runes gave him a more charactheristic appearance than the others. He kicked away some Goblins and was too slow reacting to move forward after that action, and some soldiers ran in front him. Edward was shocked and nearly fell down from the shoulder, when the Stone-man said "Me Brost". He tried looking at Edward, but stopped trying when realizing that his rock-head couldn't move that much to the sides. Instead he continued "Brost be the leader of Rock-men". Edward said "Hello Brost" and smiled. Brost stood some time and percieved the words, due to a bad reaction. When he finally understood the words an "Oh" was everything that was returned as the answer, until he said "Brost know fast way out of mountain!"... "But Brost angry at small ones for killing proud Stone-men!" There was time for chatting no more, 'cause there was space to attack the Goblins once again for him...

Silverstein had slayed many Goblins and he had, together with Kallrog, Kallrog's men, Ratava's men, Edward that sat on a huge Stone-man, and the other Stone-men drived the Goblins a long way back towards their caves and catapults, but suddenly he fell backwards due to the high amount of damage he had taken and his open wounds. When Kallrog discovered his new ally was missing he chopped off some Goblin Heads and ran back to the hurt, yet alive body. "Stay here... I'll come back when this is finished - This is the chance we had waited for, we can stop the goblins today...", without waiting for answer he ran back to join the fight. Some minutes after Silverstein couldn't hear the sound of war anymore, The Humans had probably fought all the way to the caves. Silverstein kept lying on the ground and just stared into the skies. Suddenly he saw a face above him, luckily not a Goblins', but one of General Ratavas soldiers'. The soldier looked a bit sick in the head behind the helmet, with a darker skin than he used to have. Maybe it was one of Kallrogs men anyway, they all looked that way for some mysterious reason, but no... 'cause he smiled and Kallrogs soldiers never smiled, though this was an evil smile... "Do you know what happened to me and my General before we went to those mountains?"... Silverstein was too exhausted to answer, and after some time the soldier continued "we fought Demons... Evil creatures! And guess what? We lost...". Silverstein was confused, how could they survive fighting Demons, when they lost? The soldier took off his helm and revealed some small horns sticking out of his forehead. A Demon! He was smiling in his evil way, showing sharp teeth, and was laughing when he continued: "You know... Humanity has already lost, sadly the leaders of Hell are too smart, and our world will soon burn... We are on the losers team...". Silverstein tried to crawl away, but he was too exhausted and the soldier easily followed him, walking at his side... "You know... We could be on the winners side, it's only a quick process...". Silverstein whispered "Fuck you" as loud as possible. The soldier laughed and said "Glad you accept the condtions...". He began channeling a spell sending a magic thread of fel-energy to the hardly damaged body. Silverstein felt a painy feeling slowly moving into his body...