Chapter VII, Avataria #1
Date 04-13-2010
Written by SoLmaster
Player Post № 3
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[33] is the thirty-third post in Avataria #1, and the third post by SoLmaster.

SoLmaster introduced a new secondary character in this post; Blood Arc.

Blood Arc had taken over, he ate the being. Silverstein was fighting the dark god and the curse. The curse was placed on him ten years ago when he died in battle. His fate was not to die, not until he served his time killing all evils. He continued to fought when the other came. "Evil, I smell more evil." He charged at them.

The generals were caught of guard and got knocked down. "Silverstein, what happen to you." The general Kallrog was starting to feel weak as he kicked the god down. "What are you." The man raised and stared into Kallrog's face. "Ah, goblins, sorry. I am Silverstein's other side, the dark god Blood Arc." He put on his scaf and gave back control to his human companion.