Chapter IIX, Avataria #2
Date 04-15-2010
Written by Masken
Player Post № 16
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[37] is the thirty-seventh post in Avataria #1, and the sixteenth post by Masken.

Black spots appeared on the mountain, they were moving with great speed. A huge maggot-like creature were leading the demon army. After a while the huge army of various demonic races had covered the snow, making it look like a black wave of darkness that will swoop upon them. The rock-men were worried. Could this be it? The end of all rock-men, or perhaps there was more? They took the time to process it, but could not find an answer. All they could do was to fight along with their human friends. Even Kallrog looked scared, although he wouldn't admit it. The undead troops just stood there, awaiting orders. One question remained though. Where was Ratava? They could only find his men standing by the soliders.

Ratava's men had made a plan of their own before Blood Arc first transformed. Their first plan was to escape in the night and flee. But when they heard of Blood Arc and the demon army. A change of plans were made. They were going to wait until the first clash. Then they would be free to move as they wish. Noone would notice them joining up with the demon army to vanquish both humans, as well as rock-men...