Chapter IIX, Avataria #1
Date 04-16-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[39] is the thirty-ninth post in Avataria #1, and the eighteenth post by Amargaard.

Brost sat on the ground, looking like a huge stone in the moonlight, only the glowing blue runes on his arm make him look different. He didn't move his rocky body in fear of hitting Edward that slept on the ground at his side. What a small fragile little guy so easy to accidently crush by his strong body, but very loved by him and the Stone-men. Brost began thinking of the old times, when the Stone-men was still new to the world, when the dwarf and Edwards Ancestor took care of them. Curse the small ones, killing his Dwarf creator. Brost even remembered the smell of dwarven ale... Well, he could smell it now... strange! Those walls could look abit Dwarf-stylish too, he noticed now when he thought about the Dwarven city that their creator lived in once. He never found out how these ones appeared, he remembering fighting Demons and when he randomly turned he saw them. Creator once told him that the Great Underground Dwarven Cities was built finished after several thousands years, those humans was maybe very fast to do such things...?

General Kallrog didn't really sleep, he just lied watching Silverstein. He hated that man... Recieving orders from a random stranger wanderer comming suddeny into his life and completely ruins it! Because of him, he didn't pray to his old Gods anymore, because one of them was some few meters away from him, with a mortal body that he hated more than anything. Blood Arc with Silverstein as the "mortal keeper"! Before, he prayed to the Old Gods in hope of gaining that role, but it was taken right before him by a guy that wasn't even a northlander which was said to be the Gods favorites! His "sight" was weaked a great deal now and he couldn't feel an easy guiding to his great axe like before. Should he kill Silverstein? No, the Gods would never forgive him then...