Chapter I, Avataria #1
Date 04-04-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[3] is the third post in Avataria #1, and the second post by Amargaard.

Amargaard, the mayor sat in a Horse-wagon, while Edward Blitz walked on the ground at his side. Though Edward was leading council member he didn't want to be treated better than the civils. Amargaard starred out of his wagon, watched his people stepping forward on their long journey to Reyvmadir. He knew that the chance of surviving through the creepy forrests, the hot desserts and the tall mountainous regions was little, but if they stayed home in Aediwena, they would all be dead soon. Maybe was General Ratava and his men already dead... It was natural for the mayor to look sad, but these days his sad face seemed even more sad. The sun was slowly dissapearing and soon would the moon rise up. He agreed with himself that, when the moon showed up, he would order his people to stop and camp for the night and after they have eaten whatever food the cooks had brought with them, they would pray a prayer for his loyal General...