Chapter IX, Avataria #1
Date 04-18-2010
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 19
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[41] is the fourty-first post in Avataria #1, and the nineteenth post by Amargaard.

Edward Blitz woke up... did he fall asleep last night anyway? Though it was now day, the rays of sunlight couldn't hit the fortress that Blood Arc had created yesterday, due to a thick fog of ash from the volcanoes that the Hell Demons came from. The landscapes just outside the Goblins' mountains where the fortress lied was completely changed! The ground was gray of ash and enormous rifts with long burning stairs to hell had appeared in a huge area around the fortress. Also some erupting volcanoes could be seen making the thick fog of ash and was coloring the ground gray. The trees was thirsting for water and the dark color and leaf-less tops lowered Edwards hope when he saw them from top of the fortress-wall. Some of General Kallrogs' Undead soldiers patrolled the walls, passing Edward some few times. Most of the others was probably still sleeping and the night atmosphere still reigned due to the thick gray fog which delayed the sunrays from comming through.

Where have the Demons gone, anyway? Edward knew that they still had a lot of units, but none was to be seen from the wall where he stood. A sudden arrow was fired from one of the rifts and hit Edward in the shoulder. The arrow was very huge compared to a normal one, almost the size of a human spear! The collision made him fall backwards down from the wall into a tent, luckily, else he could have died! The soldiers in the tent woke up and told the other soldiers and Kallrog to do the same. Silverstein woke up himself, or maybe his God "companion" told him to...? The stone-men ran to the fortress-gate which the Demons already tried to blow up, and hold against the hard hits from the other side. Brost took up Edward, pulled out the arrow and brought him to safety...