Chapter X, Avataria #1
Date 04-23-2010
Written by Masken
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[48] is the fourty-eighth post in Avataria #1, and the twentieth post by Masken.

The raiding band's attack plan started looking more ad more like a kamikaze plan. They litterary tosses themselves toward the enemy, hoping to do any damage. The fight was interrupted by the sound of mountain wolves. The demons ran back into the foge, but returned shortly afet, running along some mountain wolves ridden by demons. The wolves themselves did no look good. Patches of fur was missing, and the once proud white mountain wolf had turned into a black bloodlusting beast. The travelers took a defensive position, standing in a circle so noone would be attacked from behind. The rock-men formed a circle of their own, allthough they quickly got separated again.

Issranda was watching the battle from a small distance, wondering if she should help. What she didn't notice was one demon who had split off from the group and came charging towards her. It was too late when she noticed it. She was frozen, gently holding the blade who had pierced through her stomach. She looked at the demon. It seemed proud of it's accomplishment. Ratava looked back, seeing the demon and Issranda. He broke off from the group, killed the demons eho were in his way, and decapitated the demon who had struck her. Issranda did not move. She didn't seem weakened by the blow. She grabbed the blade with both of her hands and started to gently pull it out. Ratava was chocked. There was no blood on the blade, there was spiritual essence flowing out of the torn robe. Issranda looked at Ratava. She knew that look all too well. She looked back at her wound and grabbed both sides of where the blade had struck her. She tore it up, revealing that she had no body. Only magic were gently flowing around. She looked back att Ratava. She was relieved, but seemed sad...