Chapter II, Avataria #1
General Kallrog Icon
Date 04-05-2010
Written by Masken
Player Post № 4
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[8] is the eighth post in Avataria #1, and the fourth post by Masken.

Masken introduced a new secondary character in this post; General Kallrog.

The night meeting was coming to it's end. The former council members discussed the battle strategy and marching routes together with Reyvmadir's general Kallrog. He was an outlander, perhaps of a northern origin. His fluffy white beard had a yellow colour around the mouth and he had markings that looked like a two-headed basilisk or snake looking at his eyes on his forehead, but he claimed that it was a great dragon.

It was decided that they should march for a great fortress lying south of Aediwena. There they will begin pushing east towards the source of the demons. Almost at the same time they realized. They are preparing for the final battle...