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Vital statistics
Race Being made from candiathropes
Affiliation Kingdom of Evil, himself
Status Alive
Location Citadel of Evil
Other facts
Created by Arcisal
Featured in Avataria #2

Arcisal is an evil digital virus-being, made of candiathropes. He was banished from his homevoid by Arnagron and sent to Avataria, whereafter he joined the Kingdom of Evil. He is currently trapped in Galros' body.

It is Arcisal's Avatar Character in Avataria #2.


Arcisal was formed by candiathropes in the dawn of universes, amidst the galactic orbital gasses of the void. However, Arcisal was banished from his homevoid by Arnagron and sent to Avataria, falling from the sky and landed on the Wall of Horror, where he met Nargos, a commander of the forces of evil. Nargos told Arcisal to join the Kingdom of Evil's side in the war, and Arcisal did so, in order to simply entertain himself. He entered the body of an ogre, and started slaughtering rebel soldiers. However, the ogre was soon defeated by Am'ar and Arcisal was forced to find a new body to host his evil pressence.

He chose the body of Duke Talban, who he wisely forced to lie to his friends. He found a lot of useful information in Talban and ordered the rebels to foolishly charge further in to the lands of evil. Then he once again, switched host - this time to Am'ar. However, Aaron Talwar discovered the virus' pressence in his ally and forced him to leave the body, inprisoning him in a small device. Through the advice by Aaron's side, Arcisal witnessed the elf's immense battle with the giant black dragon Cadaos who had fused with Darkness...

Description in detailsEdit


A picture of Arcisal, when he is not in any other body.

Arcisal's hovering body is shaped like a human's, with a featureless metallic body, but he have no legs, only a "tail", like that of a genie, and volatile wings. His body consists of billions of microscopic Candiathropes. He currently is trapped inside Galros' body.

Arcisal is evil to the core, gladly enduring in mass murders, only to train and entertain himself. He is also very intelligent and deceitful, but easily gets mad and reveals an insulting tone, if he loses his grip of the situation. However, he always stay confident in his powers and never doubts his superiority.

Arcisal can travel exceptionally fast through the air unnoticed by normal human eyes, and is able to disolve his body, then enter the body of another living creature, and afterwards take complete control over it's actions as well as looking through it's memory, except if the possessed creature is very strong-minded. When controlling a body, his powers are always limited to the inhabited creature's.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • His name is the same as the user, who created him.
  • He is based on Arcisal's former avatar, which was of a computer virus.
  • Back in his homevoid, he have hundreds of trophies taken from victims around the universe. He wants to add Am'ar's staff to this collection.
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