The Avataria-series is a series of unique Freeform Storytelling Roleplays, being run in the Roleplaying-forum of the Hive Workshop.

Currently, there have only been two roleplays in the series, Avataria #1, started in early 2010, and Avataria #2, started in 2012. However, the sequel, Avataria #3 has been announced to be on it's way.

The lore of AvatariaEdit

Avataria #1:Edit

Mayor Amargaard and Edward Blitz lead the people from Aediwena village to save them from an upcoming demon-attack. The trustworthy and loyal general of the village's local army, Ratava, stayed behind to buy time for the others to escape. The people arrive at the capital city, Reyvmadir, but their hopes of seeking salvation, dwindle drastically when they notice how the hyped city is nothing but a small poor town.

However, Amargaard picks up the powerful artifact, known as the Hat of Reyvmadir and places it on his head, which triggers a magical evolution of the city itself. Towers rise from the ground, as well as a mighty army under the leadership of General Kallrog. Amargaard, however, was banished from the surface of the world.

In an attempt to finally stop the rampaging demon hordes, Edward Blitz and Kallrog set out on a journey with their new army. However, they are forced to stop in a mountain-alley, due to a raging goblin-army attacking them. Brost and his stone-men joins forces with the army from Reyvmadir, and soon after General Ratava and his soldiers from Aediwena reappears as well.

Edward Blitz soon finds out that Kallrog's forces are in truth undeads, who unquestionably serves Kallrog, and that Ratava's forces have all been infused with a demon-virus, which created an inner demon who would slowly take over their bodies. On top of that, a mysterious assassin called Silverstein soon appears, who appears to bear the curse of being host of the evil god known as Blood Arc. However, they all keep sticking together, with the common purpose of stopping the demon hordes.

They manage to defeat the goblin legion, but when Ratava realise he bears the demon-virus, he tries to commit suicide, but he is saved by Issranda, who claims that he can learn to control the demon and use it against the evils of the world. Meanwhile, a demon army led by Kakuslor charges towards the union of military forces with good purposes. Ratava rushes into the battlefield with Issranda, and with the aid of Silverstein, defeats Kakuslor and sends his demons back to the planet's core. Afterwards, Edward and Brost set out in order to gather the strength from all kingdoms of good.

This roleplay never had a proper ending...

Avataria #2:Edit

Am'ar Gaardos arrived in Avataria, through a portal, meeting and saving Duke Talban, a mayor and leader of a rebel village, going to join up with other rebel forces and finally going to war with the Kingdom of Evil. When arriving at the Wall of Horror, he met Regex the System Manager. Soon the forces of evil decided to surprise attack the rebel forces, and Am'ar, Duke Talban and Regex rushed in and joined the battle.

While Duke Talban and Am'ar fought the inhuman forces, Regex set on a mission to find metal in order to unleash a deadly weapon. Meanwhile Aaron Talwar and Alaina teleported to Avataria too, and arrived in an aerial dwarven base, heading for the Wall of Horror, so they too could join the rebellion strike. As the fighting at the gate got tougher, a black dragon known as Cadaos appeared from the sky, joining the evil forces, at Razet's black tower on the other side of the Wall of Horror.

Regex returned to the fight, with his secret weapon ready. This appeared to work very effectively on the attackers and they soon had victoriously killed all evil warriors at the gate. Duke Talban suggested to counter-attack into the evil wasteland.

But just as things seemed to go the right way, a digital being known as Arcisal joined the evil forces, and got into close combat with Am'ar. Cadaos too joined the battle, while Razet plotted a revenge over the dragon. The dwarven base landed inside the evil wasteland and got trapped in a forcefield. The overall situation seemed to be going very bad again.

The fighting at the Wall of Horror continued, Am'ar defeated Arcisal's hosting body, but it only got worse as he took over Duke Talban's body instead, unknown to the rebels. And inside the wasteland of evil, Aaron and the dwarven troops managed to destroy the forcefield. Soon Cadaos landed at Aaron's position, wanting to wipe out all the rebels there, but as he was about to strike, the elf explained that he knew all about the dragon's past, so instead Cadaos decided to give him a seed of power and then flew away.

A draconian warrior named Kargath joined the rebel forces, and helped once again securing the gate. Now, the rebel armies charged into the cursed lands of evil, led by the possessed Duke Talban.

As the rebels clashed into the evil armies, near Razet's tower, Arcisal decided to change his hosting body, and successfully made Am'ar his new host. Soon, Aaron's dwarven aerial base crashed into the ground, caused by the evil energies from Nargos, a commander of evil. Kargath, Aaron, Alaina and two dwarves were the only ones who survived the crash.

On top of Razet's tower, Overlord Razet stabbed Cadaos with a poisonous blade, in order to revenge the dragon's earlier bad behavior. However, Aaron rushed in with his new powers, wanted to repay his debt to the dragon. While he was fighting Razet, a shadow being known simply as Darkness entered the fight, powering up Razet. The remaining evil soldiers were forced inside Razet's tower for protection.

A young girl called Kareena, gifted in magic, was teleported to Avataria, and joined the rebel forces.

This Story Summary is still in progress of improvement...


The Avataria-roleplays are roleplays where all players are equal - no gamemasters/dungeonmasters and favored players. Features like stats (Attack damage, armor, luck, hit points etc) does not exist in these roleplays, and generally they are focusing more on telling a story, than the usual roleplaying. Additionally, players do not have to stick to their own characters, they can use other players' characters and vice versa. The roleplayers' situation in Avataria will not be determined by their roleplaying skills and luck, it's all about their ability to tell a story.

The systems have changed a little, with new features and rules coming or going, after experiencing the pros and cons in every roleplay in the series. Also with inspiration from other roleplays, such as The Daily Peon and The Arena.

In the Avataria-roleplays, every player will have to create an Avatar Character, and have the opportunity to create additional Secondary Characters through the story.

Every post must have the Post Counter, and after a specific number of posts, a new Chapter starts.

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