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Avataria #1 (Also known as (A new idea) ORP Story - Avatars #1! :D or #1) is the first roleplay in the Avataria-series. It was created in April 2010, by Amargaard, and ended in May the same year.

It never had a proper ending, and it's sequel, Avataria #2, started an entirely new storyline. However, the lore from the two roleplays is planned to be merged in Avataria #3.

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Story SummaryEdit

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Avataria 1 Map

Amargaard's map for Avataria #1.

Mayor Amargaard and Edward Blitz lead the people from Aediwena village to save them from an upcoming demon-attack. The trustworthy and loyal general of the village's local army, Ratava, stayed behind to buy time for the others to escape. The people finally arrive at the capital city, Reyvmadir, but their hopes of seeking salvation, dwindle drastically when they notice how the hyped city is nothing but a small poor town.

However, Amargaard picks up the powerful artifact, known as the Hat of Reyvmadir and places it on his head, which triggers a magical evolution of the city itself. Towers rise from the ground, as well as a mighty army under the leadership of General Kallrog. Amargaard, however, was banished from the surface of the world.

In an attempt to finally stop the rampaging demon hordes, Edward Blitz and Kallrog set out on a journey with their new army. However, they are forced to stop in a mountain-alley, due to a raging goblin-army attacking them. Brost and his stone-men joins forces with the army from Reyvmadir, and soon after General Ratava and his soldiers from Aediwena reappears as well.

Edward Blitz soon finds out that Kallrog's forces are in truth undeads, who unquestionably serves Kallrog, and that Ratava's forces have become half-demons. On top of that, a mysterious assassin called Silverstein soon appears, who appears to bear the curse of being host of the evil god known as Blood Arc. However, they all keep sticking together, with the common purpose of stopping the demon hordes.

They manage to defeat the goblin legion, but when Ratava realise he bears the demon-virus, he tries to commit suicide, but he is ressurected by the holy spirit Issranda, who claims that he can learn to control the demon and use it for good. Meanwhile, the others are attacked by a demon army, and Blood Arc pulls up the dwarven fortress Dun Gruznok for them to use as a defensive stand. Edward and Brost set out in order to gather the strength from the other human kingdoms, and the others set on a journey back towards Reyvmadir, but on their way they are ambushed by Kakuslor and the Dark Army 5th Branch, which wiped out most of their army, until Ratava finally uses his demonic powers to his advantage and slay the powerful demon.


Avataria #1 is the first of the series, thus introducing the basic rules, later improved in the sequels. All players are equal - no gamemasters/dungeonmasters and favored players. Features like stats (Attack damage, armor, luck, hit points etc) does not exist in this roleplay, and generally it is focusing more on telling a story, than the usual roleplaying. Additionally, players do not have to stick to their own characters, they can use other players' characters and vice versa. The roleplayers' situation in Avataria will not be determined by their roleplaying skills and luck, it's all about their ability to tell a story.

In Avataria #1, every player will have to create an Avatar Character, and have the opportunity to create additional Secondary Characters at every fifth chapter. Unlike in the sequels, locations had to be made this way too.

Every post must have the Post Counter, and after every fifth post, a new chapter starts.