Dracor Scaleflame
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Vital statistics
Title(s) Guardian of Hope, Patron of War
Race Dragon - Demon hybrid
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive
Location Lands of Evil
Other facts
Created by Kanadaj
Featured in Avataria #2

Dracor Scaleflame is a seemingly good character, who can switch between his human and dragon forms.

Dracor is featured as kanadaj's Avatar Character in Avataria #2.


Not much is known about Dracor due to the circumstances he arrived to Avataria. He can only remember the past minutes just before his travel, and his identity. He was a titan of his own world, who fought for it until the last minute against something that can not be called evil or good, only destructive. In the final moment, he used his remaining powers to unleash a burst of energy, which reacted with his already dissolved world, warping him through time and space.

He arrived in Avataria and, though greatly weakened, was able to join Selia in her fight with Auxion, which led them to another world, created by Auxion. Due to Dracor's and Selia's good teamwork, they finally defeated Auxion, and returned to Avataria.

Soon after they defeated Auxion, Dracor used his demonic powers to bring back Regex as an undead, but in the process, Selia noticed the ancient seal and powered it up with her magical power to keep Dracor in check as no one knows what could happen the other way.

Later, he practiced using his demonic powers to empower his spells, while using his light magic to control the caused destruction. It's not known yet wether he succeded or not.

He then joined the rebels, and - using a terrifying spell - he cleansed Clarox's control from some soldiers.

Dracor used an ancient ritual to reinforce the gate behind the rebel camp, turning the gate of the Wall of Horror into a white gate, which can be defended more easily, and people started calling it Gate of the Ray of Hope. He used all the surrounding humans in the process to gather enough energy, but in the process he didn't want to show hi true form, exhausting his human body. He then went towards Duke Talban's tent, but barely reaching it, Am'ar came and helped him, noticing inhuman features Dracor's weakened body wore.

Description in detailsEdit

turns white.

Dracor in his true form

Dracor is a hybrid between a demon and a dragon, having unbelievable powers. As such, he tries to hide his identity, only showing his real form so far for Selia and Auxion. He seems to be a good character, having conficts so far only with evil characters.

He is a grateful character - he remembers heroes and favors and always tries to give favors back, multiple times if possible. He tries to help the Rebels with everything he can do, but his reasons are unknown yet.

Fire mage boy 2

Dracor in his human form

As his main element is fire, both of Dracor's form has red as it's main color. In his dragon form, he has red scales all over while the scales on his belly and the spikes on his back are white. In his human form, he wears red clothes and a magical staff. If he uses magic in human form close to it's limits, his hair

Dracor's main element is fire - he is a hybrid dragon born from Anklya, the archdemon of ruthless atonement and a fire-light dragon hybrid. However, as fire's basic attribute is emitting light, he can empower his light magic with it, causing his combined spells to be more powerful than his separated ones.

He can also freely transform between human and dragon form, but his powers are somewhat limited in the first one.

He used several unique spells so far:

  • Appearing from nowhere with a blinding explosion - it is not confirmed if it can cause any damage though
  • A defensive barrier of light and fire
  • A controlled fireblast capable of pushing Auxion away from Selia
  • A powerful binding spell, capable of absorbing huge amounts of magical power, empowering itself. It seems to need physical contact to work and consists of 4 runed pillar which absorbs the power and chains of light which binds the enemy. The spell was powerful enough to hold Auxion in place for a considerable time. From the strain it did on Dracor's body, it's one of the most powerful spells he has.
  • He was seen to be able to burn the life-force of his surroundings and using special, life (and undeath) based spells with it. It slowly changes his hair's color to black, which shows it is a power he shouldn't use. It is not known what happens when used for longer periods of time, but an ancient seal seems to keep in hand something that should never be let loose.
  • He can also cast various utility spells, and been seen to cast a shrouding barrier without any signs of casting - this requires full attention and is not seen to be usable in combat. These spells, unlike his main battle spells, need long incantations and/or other elements.

Trivia and notesEdit


Dracor drawn by Kanadaj

  • Dracor was introduced in [161].
  • Dracor's ability to transform freely could come from either the "Slayers" anime or the "Id" manga.
  • The ability to use his surrounding's life-force to cast spells is a reference from the Inheritance Cycle.
  • Dracor's staff has been inspired by Raistlin's staff from the Dragonlance universe.
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