General Ratava
General Ratava Icon
Icon in Avataria #1, by Amargaard.
Vital statistics
Title(s) General of Aediwena (Formerly)
Race Human half-demon
Affiliation Reyvmadir
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by Amargaard
Featured in Avataria #1
Post count 26

General Ratava is a half-demon who was the military general of Aediwena. His current status is unknown.

He was created as a Secondary Character in Avataria #1 by Amargaard.


General Ratava Demon Form

General Ratava's Demon Form.

Ratava was the general of the small military forces of Aediwena, and heroically stayed behind with the soldiers, while Mayor Amargaard and Edward Blitz evacuated the civillians to Reyvmadir, in fear of an upcoming demon raid.

Their worries appeared to be explicable, as demons soon attacked the abandoned village. Ratava and his soldiers bravely defended their home, but they all got defeated. Not slain, but knocked out. When they awoke, the demons were gone, and he thus decided to try find the missing leaders of Aediwena.

Ratava and his men travelled to a mountain valley, found Edward and General Kallrog. General Kallrog didn't like Ratava for unknown reasons, and thus Ratava had to build up his own camp for his soldiers, made from goblin clothes and the like. Soon a mysterious assassin named Silverstein appeared in Ratava's camp, and the two decided to attack the other general's camp. General Ratava was driven by an inner hatred, that he had never felt before, but when he stood face to face with Kallrog he stopped and listened to reason again.

He soon discovered that he and all of his men had been cursed by the demons, now bearing the demon-virus, which had created an inner demon in all of them. The demons started taking physical form, switching back and forth between their two personalities. General Ratava would rather die than become a demon, so he tried commiting suicide by jumping off a cliff into a lake and drown himself, but he was saved unwillingly by Issranda, who told him that he could learn to control his inner demon and use it for good.

She gave him a golden armor and the two got back to the battlefield, where Blood Arc had raised the ancient dwarven fortress Dun Gruznok from deep below the ground's surface, in order to provide protection to the forces from Reyvmadir. With Issranda and Ratava returning, and the attacking demons defeated, they agreed to return to Reyvmadir. They left the fortress heading for their capital city, only to be ambushed by the Dark Army 5th Branch and the Hume-God Kakuslor. After an intense battle, Ratava finally managed to end the Hume-God's life, and they could once again proceed their journey towards Reyvmadir.

It is unknown what happened to General Ratava since then.

Description in detailsEdit

General Ratava is a good and kind person, who will go through much pain for his friends. He is in love with Issranda. He has long dark-grey hair, a thick beard, and a serious look in his eyes. He wears a golden armour and always keeps PRO Yrots close to him.

When his inner demon steps out, his skin turns sickly grey-brown, his eyes become red and two small horns grows out from his forehead.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Ratava spelled backwards is "Avatar".
  • General Ratava was introduced in [1].