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Vital statistics
Title(s) Mayor of Aediwena (In Avataria #1)
Race Unknown
Affiliation Kingdom of Evil
Status Alive
Location Wall of Horror
Other facts
Created by Amargaard
Featured in Avataria #1 & Avataria #2
Post count 8 (#1)

Rave (Formerly known as Amargaard) is a mysterious balloon-creature, who was once a fighter of peace and the mayor of Aediwena, but his village was evacuated because of a demon invasion. He took on the hat of Reyvmadir, sending him to be trapped in the void for many years and was eventually driven to insanity. He forgot anything about his past life, and joined the Kingdom of Evil when he returned to Avataria.

It was Amargaard's Avatar Character in Avataria #1, and one of his Secondary Characters in Avataria #2.


Avataria #1:Edit

Amargaard Balloon 3

Rave's icon in Avataria #1.

Amargaard was once the mayor of a small village in Avataria called Aediwena, but he and councilor Edward Blitz decided to abandon the village, because they feared a possible demon-raid, and lead the villagers to the capital city, Reyvmadir. General Ratava and Aediwena's small military force stayed, to buy time for the others to escape.

Arriving in Reyvmadir, was not as pleasing as one would think. Their hopes of salvation, dwindled drastically when they noticed how the hyped city was nothing but a small poor town. And it only got worse, as a demon horde soon attacked the city from all sides.

However, Amargaard found the powerful artifact known as the Hat of Reyvmadir in the town hall's basement, and placed it on his head. That triggered a magical evolution to the city itself. Towers and walls rose from the ground, as well as a mighty army under the leadership of General Kallrog. Amargaard, however, paid the unknown price of using the magical powers - he was banished to the void.

Avataria #2:Edit

During the many years in the void, Amargaard waited patiently for his friends to save him, but nothing happened. He slowly lost hope, and was eventually driven to insanity. He started imagine different voices whispering to him in his head, and in the end, they were all that mattered to him. He forgot his past, he forgot his own name and he even forgot how to speak. He only knew what the voices told him.

However, one day, he was pulled out of the void back to Avataria, by the King, the evil ruler of the Kingdom of Evil. The King named him "Rave", gave him a magical-steampunkish black armor and told him to fight the rebel forces.

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Description in detailsEdit


Sketch of Rave, by Amargaard.

Rave's mysterious body firstly consists of his round white scarred balloon-head, with two depressed always-closed eyes and a red nose identical to a clown's. A few razor-sharp teeth along with the long dripping toungue, always hanging lazily down from his mouth, surrounded by a stubble of black beard, covering the entire lower part of his head. On top of his head, lies the flattened dusty Hat of Reyvmadir. His balloon-head is connected to his black robotic body by a thin string. The armor consists of large black gloves, large black two-clawed feet and a large black chest-piece - all connected by metal-tubes and spinning cogwheels at every metallic joint. A missile launcher is attached to his right shoulder-pad.

Sanofa stated in [98] that Rave was able to blast lasers as well.

His armor is powered by steampunk technology, along with magic. He is loyal to the whispering voices in his head only.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • His name in Avataria #1 is the same as the user, who created him. Amargaard decided to change the name in the sequel, and the new name was inspired by Reyvmadir.
  • He was firstly introduced in [1] (In Avataria #1), and secondly in [54] (In Avataria #2).
  • He is currently the only character to have appeared in both roleplays.