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Vital statistics
Title(s) Titan of Light
Race Titan
Affiliation Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by Ironside
Featured in Avataria #2

Selia is a titan who teleported to Avataria to hunt down the powerful Auxion, which she succeeded in doing with the help of Dracor.

Selia was featured as one of Ironside's Secondary Characters in Avataria #2.


Selia appeared in Avataria as a flash of pure light. She meets up with Regex who was searching for Auxion. After a fierce battle she virtually defeats the Orb of Auxion, which binds itself to her soul and later takes control of her body and use it to kill Regex. Realizing that something it wrong, she overcomes the curse and reawakens Auxion to finish the battle. She is joined by Dracor and the two enters Auxion's own dimension, where they finally defeat him. After that she plans to leave the world once again, but is delayed by the revival of Regex and Dracors demon form. However, she soon leaves and a divine speech follows, as an unknown creature of light opens a portal which will enable her to leave. As she passes into the portal, she disappears into a thousand lights and isn't heard from again.

Description in detailsEdit


Selia, using the powers of ice.

Selia is one of the strongest Titans, she is able to invoke the power of any element through another Titans Claw. Her most powerful attacks lie within the element of light, which she demonstrated in the wars in Avataria. She also controls an ability, that enables her to transform into a phoenix, granting her new abilities and making her much stronger.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Selia was introduced in [102].
  • Selia the Titan of Light is based on a character of the same name from Ironside's own map, Titan Land.