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Icon in Avataria #1, by Amargaard.
Vital statistics
Title(s) The wanderer, the chosen one
Race Human
Affiliation Reyvmadir
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by SoLmaster
Featured in Avataria #1
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Silverstein was a famous warhero from the battle of Cal'thos, but after his death in the war, he was chosen to be the mortal host of Blood Arc, and to live on. He joined the forces from Reyvmadir, and helped fight the demons. His current status is unknown.

He was SoLmaster's Avatar Character in Avataria #1.


Silverstein was leading an army of warriors in the war in the Outlands and Cal'thos 20 years before the events of Avataria #1, and died 10 years after the war. However, Blood Arc cursed him to be his mortal host and thus to live on, so he cut off all contact with other people for another 10 years, except meeting Issranda at an unknown point.

After the ten years, he wandered into a mountain valley, where he entered general Ratava's camp. General Ratava, who was driven by an unusual hatred caused by the demon-virus, told Silverstein to help attack Kallrog's men. However, Silverstein decided to stay in Ratava's camp, and was soon attacked by goblins. He fought bravely, and killed many of the small creatures, but was eventually hurt too much to continue in the end. One of Ratava's soldiers, blinded by his evil inner demon, started to channel a thread of fel energy in order to infect Silverstein with the demon-virus as well. But it didn't work, instead it gave enough power for Blood Arc to return.

However, his new allies decided to keep Silverstein in their army, even though he bore the curse of the Dark God, and that would soon appear to be a smart decision, when Blood Arc sensed an approaching demon army, he pulled up Dun Gruznok, an ancient dwarven fortress from deep below the ground's surface, which they used to make a defensive stand against the demons. They successfully defeated the attacking demons, and decided to journey back towards Reyvmadir.

However, on their way back, they were ambushed several times by demon scouts, and finally the Dark Army 5th Branch appeared, with Kakuslor in front. Blood Arc was weakened greatly after a short fight with the demonic Hume-God, and had to give back control to Silverstein. He managed to stab Kakuslor in the shoulder with his blades, but the evil Hume-God threw Silverstein into the ground with massive force, and he had to stay out of the rest of the battle. Luckily, general Ratava killed Kakuslor, and they could all resume the journey back towards Reyvmadir the next day.

It is unknown what happened to Silverstein since then.

Description in detailsEdit

Silverstein is a wartorn man, with dark silver hair, bloodstained blue eyes, wearing a black hood, cape and scarf. Beneath the black scarf, he has a brown worm-like mouth, one of the obvious signs of being the host of Blood Arc, which he tries to hide from others. He has a blue shirt, with a chain mail armor covering his chest, and wears several blades and daggers.

Silverstein is a brave and always serious person with a negative view on life. He shows great leader potential, and likes to share his many experiences in life, but sometimes a heavy confusion kick in - probably because he have not been with any other humans in a long time.

Silverstein is a good and quick fighter, using his assassin-like weapons, but if the fighting gets too intense for a human to handle, Blood Arc often takes over. In [42] it was revealed that he knows healing magic.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • He was introduced in [24].
  • It was stated in [27] that Silverstein never met any demons on his journey as a wanderer, until the events of Avataria #1.
  • It was stated in [44] that Silverstein and Blood Arc knew Issranda from the past, but why and when is unknown. However, it must logically have taken place after the two became one, since she knew of their secret.
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