Vayne Filonius
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Vital statistics
Title(s) Godspeed Quickdrawer (In his hometown)
Race Human
Affiliation Rebel forces
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Other facts
Created by sanofa
Featured in Avataria #2

Vayne Filonius is a skilled gun- and katana-fighter from Z.E.O.N., who was sent to Avataria with his best friend, Leo, and together they joined the rebels. He is currently a student in a fighting school, in an unknown dimension.

Vayne is featured as sanofa's Avatar Character in Avataria #2.


Vayne was an orphan adopted into the Filonius family along with Leo. Soon after his adoption, the Grim Reaper visited their world. It wreaked havoc and collected souls just to find a mortal body to live in. The Grim Reaper was incredibly powerful, but Vayne's foster father, in order to keep his children to be safe from harm, sealed the Grim Reaper inside Vayne's body, at the cost of his own life.

Vayne's skill were recognized by the Fabre family, a family where known for being expert gun duelers. Vayne was putted up in a marriage with Aina, though he didn't like it.

One night, an intrusion occured on the Fabre household while Vayne was walking along the crowded streets. He quickly rushed there, only to find Aina chased by the intruders. He hid her, and went off to deal with the intruders. However, he was ambushed by the mastermind of the intrusion, being hit in the head, causing him to faint. Aina came by, and was almost attacked by the intruder, but Vayne forced himself to stand up, and managed to rescue Aina, by killing the intruder. However, by doing so, he placed himself in an overly-severe injured situation.

Weeks passed, and Vayne finally woke up from his deep coma, but with a heavy amnesia. He could only remember his name, and nothing else. The Zarks, who was believed to have killed his biological father and was hated by Vayne, attacked his country suddenly. A scientist had just finished a new dimension travelling machine, which Vayne and Leo volounteered to be test subjects for. They were sent to Avataria, into the lands of evil. They soon met the cyborg Regex, who was fighting Auxion. The two newcomers tried to help, but Auxion escaped and Regex got angry at them for disturbing him, but with Auxion gone, the cyborg decided to follow Vayne and Leo as they charged into battle, joining the rebel forces.

As Vayne, Leo, Regex and the other rebels were fighting, a heavily wounded Aaron limbed towards them. He explained to them their situation, but then Aaron and Vayne got into a battle with Rave, but Vayne tricked his opponent to follow a tempoary clone. However after successfully getting Rave away, he discovered that Aaron had been kidnapped to the Citadel of Evil and decided to rescue him. With his clone trapped in the same dungeon as Aaron, it would be easy to locate them.

Vayne full pic

Vayne with Excalibur.

He successfully freed Aaron, as well as another prisoner called Claira, and took them back to their encampment at the Wall of Horror, but Rave had followed them. Vayne flied back the other way, to lead Rave away, but then Aina arrived by portal, and was rescued by Vayne. However Rave catched up with them, and they were teleported to the throneroom in the Citadel of Evil. The King and Darkness reactivated Vayne's Reaper Mode, and ordered him to kill the rebels.

Vayne went on a rampage, slaughtering anyone he saw. He was then later calmed down by Taera, guardian of Excalibur. Then the new wielder of Excalibur Kareena, and Vayne headed back to the Citadel of Evil, to save Aaron and Claira once again, but on their way they stumbled into Lilith. Lilith almost killed him, but he was saved by a light and soon found himself next to Leo in the trial of Geto. Vayne passed the trial and was rewarded the powerful katana, Taiken-Geto. Then they continued towards their goal of saving Aaron, but when they arrived in the arena, Vayne got into a battle with Rex. Vayne fainted, due to Rex' poisonous claws, but Leo escaped with Vayne on his back.

Vayne woke up in a tent Leo had set up. Vayne was still effected by the poison in his body, and Leo told him to lie still and relax. He gave Vayne a communicator and went off to search for Aaron and Aina alone. But the communicator broke and Vayne didn't hesitate to leave for the Arena, where Leo had went. When arriving, he had a fierce fight with Lilith, but in the end he defeated her. She survived though, and seeked protection from the King. The King teleported Vayne out of the arena, along with Aina, Aaron, Kareena and Cadaos.

They were all teleported to the lush forest on the "good" side of the Wall of Horror. Next day they started walk towards the rebel camp, and they all went to sleep, except for Vayne. He stood up, with Leo lying next to him, still asleep. Vayne thought of all the things that have happened since the arrival in Avataria. He decided that he would sneak out of the camp, searching for a way to send himself and send his friends back home. He started his journey by traveling back to the forest and then headed south, and soon he reached a temple which brought him to another dimesion. With his plan of searching for a way home in mind he took the entrance preparation exam and passed it, and then the entrance exam.

He have passed two phases of the exam, and now he is readying himself for the final phase. On the final phase, Vayne is tasked to defeat his inner self. With strength and luck, he had overcome this trial, and had been recruited into the school. In the school's library, he had found a way to get back to his world, and so, he returned back to Avataria and traveled for days until he reached the camp. He fainted right when Leo found him.

To be continued...

Description in detailsEdit

Vayne RM

Vayne in Reaper Mode.

Vayne has spiky white hair, and red marks under his eyes, which is believed to be his birthmarks. His armors consists of different patterns of armor that surrounds his waist, legs, and less armor on his torso. He carries the katana known as Taiken-Geto. He has a habit of always looking at the sky, doing nothing but that. Vayne is always concerned for his friends, and would give up his life in order to save his friends. Vayne is currently the fiance of Aina von Fabre, who is the youngest daughter of the Fabre household.

Vayne is known to have a lot of skills and abilities. First of all, he is extremely good at fighting with katanas and guns, but he also carries a large number of gadgets, making him a very powerful ally or foe. He wears a CGSA armor, which enhances his physical attributes like agility and endurance. From his armor, he can activate Force Shield-mode to gain additional protection, and sense nearby powerful beings. He wears Energy Boots, which gives him the ability to fly very fast. He carries several pills with different kinds of effects, and flash bangs. He is also an excellent magician, capable of using hypnosis, cloning himself, becoming invisible, and cast a 2 week immobility spell.

In addition to those powers, he has an inner demon inside of him, known as the Grim Reaper. In Reaper Mode, he loses control of himself, but he have shown once that he can overcome the inner darkness, when fighting hard enough. In Reaper Mode, his armor turns black, and Excalibur, turns into a scythe, which is able to emit waves that dissolves anything in its path.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Vayne was introduced in [78].
  • Vayne is inspired by Haseo from the .hack franchise.
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